About Us

We follow the latest developments and technologies in the sector of commercial and non-commercial sun parasols; we make a statement with our sun parasols both in our country and abroad.

Over 60 Years of Experience in Manufacturing Sun Parasols

As Snot Şemsiye, our story began when our founder Sami Bektaş started trading umbrellas in a 40 square meter store at Sümbüllü Han in İsmail Mahmut Paşa. Since then, we have been taking important steps towards the future of our company and our industry.
Snot's Foundation
Sami Bektaş starts trading umbrellas under a sole proprietorship.
The Thrill of Beginning Manufactory
In Istanbul's Eminönü, Snot Şemsiye begins the umbrella production at a 80 square meter workshop in Valide Han.
Production Against All Challenges
Mass production of parasols of 72 cm diameter and 12 wires begins against all odds. At the time, manufacturing such products is near impossible.
The Company Grows
Sami Bektaşoğulları collective company is founded.
In the Shade of Sun Parasols
Production of parasol frames, and commercial parasols with logos start.
Specialization in Sun Parasols
Umbrella production is stopped to completely specialize in sun parasols.
New Steps to Create Sustainable Customer Satisfaction
In order to increase the durability of parasol frames against outdoor conditions, a powder coating facility gets established.
R&D Investments Increase
In order to meet the increasing demand and to continue the production according to the principles of total quality management, the focus on automation and R&D investments grows.
A Strong and Lightweight New Raw Material: Aluminum
In line with the customer demand, the production of large-sized parasols made of aluminum starts.
Expanding Abroad
The first export is made.
A Big and Environment-Friendly New Factory is Built
In the Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone, the foundations of Snot Şemsiye's new factory on an area of 9700 square meter are laid. The new factory increased production capacity and aimed to be environmentally conscious and to sustain customer satisfaction.
Head Tilt Production Starts
Manufacturing of the plastic hinge system that rotates in all directions starts.
The Great Fit of Parasols and Ice Cream Fridge
Upon customer demand, Snot Şemsiye begins the R&D process for a parasol holder that holds the ice cream fridge and parasol together. Shortly after, production of the new product begins.
New Printing Technologies
Investment is made in digital printing systems, to adapt to the constantly evolving new printing technologies and to increase Snot Şemsiye's pattern diversity.

Snot's Parasol Manufacturing Philosophy

Since the day our company was founded, we took steps to advance our production and quality standards. We followed state-of-the-art products and production techniques closely. By considering the demands of the sun parasol market, our customers' requirements, and investing on our R&D activities; we continue to advance our services and make a statement with our parasols.

Snot Şemsiye: Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Parasols

With our rich product range of commercial parasols, we help the brands and companies we work with make a statement. They can use stylish, high quality and reliable printed parasols as a marketing communication material at events, and their sales points. In addition to parasols, we produce printed farbelas that help brands connect with their customers.